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Mount Wolfe Forest Farm: A New Opportunity in Community Supported Agriculture

Story by Debbe Crandall-

The Crandall property, located at 10054 Old Church Road, Caledon ON, is a 70-acre parcel of land and home to three generations of Crandalls. The land was purchased by Arnold and Shelagh Crandall in 1966, and up until that time had been used for conventional agricultural purposes common to the rural area. While Arnold and Shelagh weren't farmers, they had a deep commitment to land conservation and they quickly set about implementing an ambitious reforestation plan that resulted in tens of thousands of trees being planted. Now, 50 years later, the results of those efforts are clear to see – the tree saplings that were planted have matured, the land has been restored, diversity has returned to the property, water levels have rebounded and soil erosion has been halted; in short, an example of the ecological goods and services that can accrue from one family’s strong land and stewardship ethic. However, the financial burden of maintaining the land and buildings, with no revenue being generated by the 70 acres, makes the future uncertain. Like countless other rural non-farming families, we are faced with a big decision –sell or try something new. We have decided to try something new. On the 50th anniversary of our family’s stewardship of this property we launched Mount Wolfe Forest Farm (

Mount Wolfe Forest Farm offers a Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) service for up to 100 local families. Using ecological and regenerative farm applications we produce a variety of vegetables, herbs and free range chickens at our farm. We also provide as part of the share a full selection of products available from local farmers and businesses. Of those 100 food shares, 10% will be allocated as CSA workshares at a 50% cost break to families in exchange for an equal amount of labour contributed towards farm operations. CSA members come to our farm to pick up their shares. The Mount Wolfe Forest Farm business model draws upon on the highly successful Essex Farm located in New York State.