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Brownfield redevelopment in Port Credit Village

Story by EcoSpark-

Mississauga’s Port Credit Village is a 10.5 hectare pedestrian-oriented brownfield redevelopment providing mixed residential, commercial, and employment land uses, bordering a waterfront trail along the North shore of Lake Ontario.  Completed in 2005, the contemporary and warehouse-inspired brick buildings reflect the site’s industrial heritage. 

Following Ontario Municipal Board (OMB) rulings on built form and density, developers FRAM Building Group and Slokker Canada (FRAM/Slokker) purchased the site, and involved local residents in the planning process to expand the “Village on the Lake” into an award-winning regional destination.  The mix of low-rise and mid-rise buildings typically include fashionable shops on the ground floor with residential space above. Central to the site’s development plan is its location within walking distance of a Mississauga bus station and GO Train, which allows a higher population density, and promotes walking and cycling in a park-like setting with a reduced dependence on automobiles.  The credit for this success is due to the efforts of developers, government, and residents creatively working together. This is an example of a complete community that accommodates a wide range of people, makes transit and employment accessible and includes a mix of land uses. 

More information about the Port Credit Village can be found here from the Ontario Provincial Government's Urban Form Case Studies. 

Photo credit: Fram Homes