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Mohawk-James Mobility Hub

Story by EcoSpark-

A mobility hub is an area that connects regional rapid transit services and other forms of transportation, such as walking, high-speed rail, etc. Mobility hubs are an effective way to provide people with access to many transportation options, and are encouraged in the Growth Plan for the Greater Golden Horseshoe. Mohawk-James is identified as a ‘gateway hub’ where both rapid transit and local transit are connected. A transit hub is planned at the intersection of Mohawk Road and Upper James Street in the City of Hamilton. It is designed to connect the area with easy access to transportation options to increase accessibility to residents. 
A Metrolinx analysis of mobility in the area of the City of Hamilton shows that currently 78% of residents drive to the area every day for work. Metrolinx encourages municipalities to identify destinations such as colleges and universities, airports, regional shopping centres, hospitals, arenas, and arts centres as areas for gateway hubs to provide easier access to these areas for residents. For example, in the City of Hamilton, Mohawk College is a large destination where many individuals travel to every day for school and work. It has therefore been recognised as a transportation hub to be developed. The Mohawk-James intersection is rated at “very walkable”, receiving an 80% ‘Walk Score’. A Walk Score rates the accessibility by walking of an area based on its access and proximity to amenities, and includes the quality of the walking environment. There are also 4.7 km of bikeways connecting the Mohawk-James intersection. The transportation hub in the area will continue to be developed as a gateway hub with the goal of providing transportation access to people. The Ontario government has invested $3.3 million through Metrolinx to help develop the Mohawk College transit terminal to increase transportation and mobility in the area and further develop the mobility hub. 
For more information about the Mohawk-James mobility hub visit the Metrolinx website. Additional information about mobility hubs can be found here. 
Photo credit: Mohawk College